Affordable Connectivity Program

Up to $30 per month off your USA Connections bill for qualifying customers


The US Congress has mandated that the last full month of ACP benefits applied to our Internet customer bills will be April 2024. Beginning with your May Internet bill, the $30.00 ACP credit will no longer appear on USA Connections statements.

Our customer’s choices are …

  • Continue your current level of Internet service, with no need to contact our office.
  • Upgrade, Downgrade, or Discontinue your Internet service with no additional Change-of-Service fee. Please call our office to inform us of your intent to change Internet service.

For further information on the ACP Wind-Down, please go to or

What is ACP?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is a Federal Government program to provide monetary assistance up to $30 per month to qualified persons to help pay for their Internet connection.

Where do I sign up?

As a customer of USA Connections you may already qualify for such assistance. To find out if you qualify go to and fill out the questionnaire. If you qualify you will be e-mailed an Application ID.

How do I apply it to my account?

Call 800-282-4650 and ask for Paul in our Nebraska office who is handling the ACP signup process. He will assist you in getting enrolled with up to a $30 per month credit on your USA Connections Internet bill.

Our technical support specialists are always ready to help! Please contact us at the first sign of a problem with your internet at 877-773-8989.

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