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The goal is to promote American culture, traditions and values while giving access to US opportunities.

We use our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals:

  • Education
  • Life oversees
  • Travel to a very different world and try to know and understand it
  • Own an investment property in a world class destination
  • Donate unnecessary household items to help a charity
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Rediscover Yourself the American Way

JULY 4, 2014

On Julu 4, 2014 teh American Information and Business Center celebrated the Independence Day of America.
The event was co-hosted by "New York Deli" and STRAND with the kind assistance of Dance Studio "DUNE", MCC "Sea Brothers" and Roller Club Burgas.
Our guests had the pleasure to enjoy music, dance, take pictures with heavy motorcycles, to watch the performance of two young Roller blade masters - Sansu and Yonsu and taste authentic American Burgers.
The evening culminated with fireworks under the stars under the roar of the motorcycles.
Pictures and video are uploaded on our Facebook site. Enjoy!

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